Childproofing a hotel room

Jul 22 2010

Childproofing a hotel room
Childproofing a hotel room
When vacationing away from home with young children, it's crucial to make sure that the hotel or home in which one is planning to stay is a safe environment. There are many features of a room for parents to consider, especially if there is a baby in the family, according to

If one has a reservation at a hotel, make sure to inspect all the corners of the room. If an infant baby is already crawling, it might be best to bring a portable safety gate and contact the hotel staff about possible equipment for child safety.

The news source also recommends bringing a nightlight for slightly older children, which can provide them with a source of illumination during the darker hours, so they don't become frightened or hurt themselves in an unfamiliar setting.

Cribs that can fold into bags are also a handy item to carry along. The news provider suggests that some hotel cribs may be uncomfortable, dirty or dangerous.

Window treatments are another thing object for mindful parents to inspect. Dangling cords can prove hazardous to exploring inquisitive children, so it's best to either knot the cord in place or find a room or home with cordless windows.

At home, this is even more important. A variety of window treatments come in cordless models, such as honeycomb cellular, roman and mini blinds.
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