Island living with soft sheer shades

Jul 19 2010

Island living with soft sheer shades
Island living with soft sheer shades recently displayed photos of Kate Moss' vacation getaway in the British Virgin Islands, a 10,000-square-foot residence with five bedrooms that is built on top of a hill overlooking the emerald waters of St. John and the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

While the home itself may not be attainable for most people, but there are many tips that can be gleaned from its Caribbean design. The news source suggests that, with just a few changes to the home, it's possible to capture a similar, tropical feeling.

The easiest way to emulate island living is to install a hammock, which instantly evokes the calm of a sunny shore and warm water.

Time permitting, it's also possible to color a room with all the bright blues, yellows and greens of the Caribbean, which may make the room feel more open and relaxed. Modern wicker will also add to the natural theme of the home, according to the news provider.

Soft sheer shades are ideal window treatments for a home with a tropical tone, because daylight can pour through them in soft waves, leaving a room bright until the later hours of the evening. also claims that leaving the windows open and the shades drawn can capture a summery breeze that may make it seem like the house has been whisked away to the tropics.
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