Michigan school is renovated with new window treatments

Jul 15 2010

Michigan school is renovated with new window treatments
Michigan school is renovated with new window treatments
In Milan, Michigan, an immense project is being undertaken over the summer - the complete overhaul several school buildings, two of which has been standing since the 1950s, according to the Monroe News.

Almost $50 million has been donated to the project, which is focusing on everything from reconstruction and technological upgrades to a new transportation garage. The news source reports that $20 million alone is being used to provide the three structures with new windows, doors, boilers, ceilings, and a roof.

"These are 30 or 40-year old buildings that have had few repairs done to them. You can relate it to owning a home," Superintendent Bryan Girbarch told the newspaper. He said that around 150 construction workers are working on the project every day, so the major changes can be ready for school in September.

The news provider claims that the windows were an exceptional problem. In the cold months of the winter, the windowpanes were so drafty that frost and even snow drifts would accumulate in classrooms.

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