Customize and protect a room with drapery

Jul 12 2010

Customize and protect a room with drapery
Customize and protect a room with drapery
When reinventing a particular room, many people start painting and then don't know how to continue. Window treatments can affect tremendous shifts in the theme or mood of a room, according to

Custom drapes are very appealing in refurbished rooms, because they are available in almost every complementary color or design. From fabrics to patterns to drapery rods, these window treatments can be the most astonishing change in a home after installation.

The news source claims that drapes are multipurpose, too, as they are not only effective against blocking light, but also at dampening noises from a busy street and insulating a home from the winter's chill or the summer heat.

One of the lesser known benefits of drapes is that they can protect carpets, couches, and other delicate furnishings that may become faded or bleached by being exposed to excessive sunlight. The website states that this is because drapes are heavy enough to fully prevent unwanted UV rays from invading a home.

Drapes can also be a valuable barrier between the household and the outside world, putting privacy into the owner's hands, and custom drapes are a way to express a room from the outside without letting anyone see inside.
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