Select functional shades when decorating a nursery

May 25 2010

Select functional shades when decorating a nursery
Select functional shades when decorating a nursery
When creating a combined office-and-nursery for expectant couple Chris Buck and Michelle Golden, designer Kevin Dumais told the New York Times that "It wasn't just about decorating a room [but involved] space planning and organizing and really making their existing space handle two purposes." New parents who are pressed for space can take a cue from Dumais and design a shared space.

According to the news outlet, Golden wanted "pieces that do double duty," but "nothing frivolous." Even accessories often regarded as purely decorative, such as window shades, can serve an important function in nurseries. Parents may want to consider investing in blackout shades, as babies may benefit from a dark room during their countless daytime naps.

Motorized shades are a great idea for nurseries as well. Because they are controlled by a remote, there are no cords hanging down from the windows, and parents won't have to worry about choking and strangulation hazards.

Designer Dan Vickery told that parents should install a dimmer switch in the nursery, as it is an inexpensive way to change the mood of the room when reading a bedtime story or playing after nap time.
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