Good Housekeeping Roman Shades

Good Housekeeping Roman Shades come standard as flat panel roman shades only. Each roman shade comes with a traditional pull or upgrade to cordless, top down bottom up, or continuous cord loop.

Backed by the Good Housekeeping SealBacked by the Good Housekeeping Seal so rest assured of the quality and workmanship. Each roman shade offers a matching fabric valance and a fabric wrapped bottom rail(except cordless).
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Price: $162.30
After Coupon: $ 89.26

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How to Order Free Blind Samples Due to the color variation between monitors we recommend ordering samples before placing your order if color is important.
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Are the Good Housekeeping Roman Shade in French Roast are the same French Roast color in the back?
Asked on Sep 9 2013 by Jennifer
The street side appearance will be a white/ivory liner that conforms with HOA guidelines.
Is the fabric designed for privacy?
Asked on Mar 29 2013 by Paula
The Good Housekeeping Roman Shade fabric is very private. We would be happy to send you a sample if you wish.

Good quality product.
Feb 6 2017
Rated 4.7 out of 5
Measuring: I measured my own blinds!
Installation: I installed my own blinds!

Good quality product. Finish is easy to wipe so these are great if you've got them in an area where they are touched a lot
he fabric is very stiff and the blinds do not go up and down easily.
Dec 2 2013
Rated 3.0 out of 5
Measuring: I measured my own blinds!
Installation: I hired a professional installer.

he fabric is very stiff and the blinds do not go up and down easily. Even the installer commented on the quality for what I paid for them. I am very disappointed in them.
Overland Park, KS
Cordless Lift
Cordless Lift
Raise and lower your blinds without cords. This upgrade is great for homes with children because there are no dangerous lift cords. Not recommended for sizes wider than 96 inches.
Doufold/Top Down Bottom Up
Doufold/Top Down Bottom Up
The Duofold or Top Down Bottom Up upgrade is designed to maintain privacy while still allowing an outside view. Duofold allows the shades to be either lowered from the top down or raised from the bottom up.
Rollease/Continuous Cord
Rollease/Continuous Cord
With the use of a clutch system and continuous pull, larger blinds are easier to lift.
Each of our blinds and shades are custom made to your specifications. You can expect them to arrive approximately 2 to 2 1/2 weeks after ordering. Standard shipping is UPS or FedEx ground.

Product Specifications
14" - 84"
Minimum Mounting Depth:
18" - 84"
Minimum Flush Mounting Depth:

Free Features
Lift Cord
Lift Cord
The lift cord is used to raise and lower the blinds. This option allows you to select the position of the cord on the blinds.

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