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Motorized Shades FAQ: a Popular & Exciting Add On Feature

We often get motorized shades FAQ; questions from prospective customers, or returning customers interested in upgrading more of their window shades. One of the topics that comes up the most regularly regardless of product is motorization. Almost everyone looking to upgrade their window coverings is at least a little interested in the possibility of motorizing hard to reach or inaccessible window shades, and others just adore the convenience of it for all the windows in their home. 

Motorized Shades FAQ: What is the size of the mechanism that goes inside the window with the motor in it for Motorized Blinds and Shades? -Submitted by Instagram @grand1824

The motorization mechanism fits inside the headrail and the headrail size varies by product. You will see the headrail size under each product’s specifications. For general information about motorization, you can look on the Motorization feature page. For specific information about which features (like motorization) are available with the specific shade or blinds you choose to purchase and install, check the product page where you’ll find all the included features and available add ons listed.

FAQ: How much are motorized blinds and shades? Specifically, how much is a 72×60 motorized smart roller blind?  -Submitted on Instagram by @mp46241

Pricing for window covering products does vary by size and product, so it’s difficult to provide a price without a product choice and window measurements, but as a starting point, you could consider this example. For a roller shade measuring 72×60, you can expect to pay $74-198 for motorization depending on the roller shade you choose. Consider all the different options in one place by visiting the Motorized Shades and Blinds page under Features in the Main Menu.

If you still need help deciding which window shade is right for your space, we can help. Talk to a friendly and experienced window covering expert online to get answers to your questions, learn how to measure your windows, or ask for recommendations based on your family, your home, and which features are important to you. Once you decide which shade you’re interested in, consider ordering a window shade sample to see the material, color, and texture in your own space before ordering your custom window shades or blinds. Find out more at

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