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Replace Shutters with Woven Shades to Add Light & Texture

We recently worked with home & lifestyle blogger & influencer, Lauren Jansen, after she decided to replace shutters with woven shades in an attempt to change the look of her home. Ever since she moved into her home, she’s wanted to add new woven wood shades throughout the house, but she kept putting it off.

Why Replace Shutters With Woven Shades?

While you may dream of shutters or classic wood blinds, it’s a style choice that just doesn’t suit every person or every space. For instance, Lauren’s home wasn’t missing window coverings. The windows already had very nice shutters installed in many windows and classic 2” window blinds in others, but she couldn’t get over the urge to pull them out and replace them with bamboo shades. What you couldn’t see without spending some time in Lauren’s shoes (or more accurately in her house) is that most of the shutters and blinds in the house were a little broken or a smidge damaged and they blocked a lot more light than you might expect. Plus, some of the shutters were blocked, so you couldn’t open them to access the windows at all (even to clean them). The house’s windows included a mixture of shutters, wood blinds, and plastic blinds throughout, and Lauren couldn’t help but want something that would allow more sunshine in each day, match (the mismatched window coverings were making her crazy), and pull the design of home together as a whole.

The End Result: After Lauren Decided to Replace Shutters with Woven Shades

When she finally took a step back from her other ongoing home projects, and tackled the windows, she found that the end result was just as she hoped. She found that when you replace shutters with woven shades, the natural woven shades turn the space into a light, bright area while adding texture and warmth. It was the exact effect she craved for her space.

Featuring Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades in Whitewashed:

Our Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades feature a unique cordless* mechanism that eliminates lift cords. The shades are operated by simply lifting or pulling on the bottom of the shades, so they’re a safer option for children and pets. The Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades bring a classic, timeless look to your room and are available in several different fabric styles and colors. Each shade is made of natural materials, bamboo and wood hand woven and then kiln dried for minimal warping. The classic roman style function means shades lift evenly and stack nicely. Due to the natural materials, each shade is unique in color, grain, texture and striations.

replace shutters with woven shades

Featured Product: Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades // Photo Credit: Lauren Jansen, @farmhouseish

*Cordless lift option eliminates lift cords on the front of the shades. However, there is double cording on the back of the shade. The shade’s integrated valance is made of the same materials as the shade, and conceals the lift mechanisms.

Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades: Lauren’s Conclusion on the Update

“I’ll leave you with this… Always, always, always do what you love in your home! Even if that means replacing a ‘nice’ finish with something you love that much more! When you love your home, it loves you back!” -Lauren Jansen, @farmhouseish

Are you on the hunt for the perfect window blinds or shades for your home? What room are you considering updating with new window treatments? Do you want to replace shutters with woven shades? If you need more help or you’re looking for more window treatment recommendations, contact Blinds Chalet Online Chat today.

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