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Kitchen Window Treatments Combining Function & Style

Maybe you just spent the last several months renovating your kitchen. Maybe you just built your dream home (including your dream kitchen). Maybe you just purchased your 1st home and love the look of your almost vintage kitchen. Regardless of what stage of life you’re at or what style of kitchen you have or whether or not you feel this is the end all be all of kitchens in your lifetime…you need to find the right window treatments for your kitchen windows. If you’re like a lot of others out there, you aren’t sure where to start. All you know is you want them to do their job, but look great. So, where do you find the perfect combination of function and style for your kitchen’s window treatments? Start by considering some of the top trending kitchen window treatments.

Featured Image: Get the look with Cordless Contemporary Woven Wood Shades in White Wash // Photo Credit: Lauren aka @farmhouseish

Issues to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments:

First and foremost, you need to identify the issues that you’ll want your kitchen window treatments to address or handle. This will determine what “function” you focus on when searching for the perfect combination of window treatment features. Are your kitchen windows in a splash zone? Will they come into contact with water, excessive or consistent steam, food splatter, etc.? If you do have windows in the splash zone, you’ll want to consider using window treatments that are water safe and easy to clean like faux wood blinds or shutters, or vinyl roller shades. These window treatments can be wiped clean with soap and water (and they won’t warp with heat or humidity changes). Other issues you may want to consider in regard to function of your kitchen window treatments could include accessibility (how hard are the windows to access and will you be able to reach them to adjust the shades or blinds), safety (cordless options are usually a good idea), installation (consider your window structure and make sure the product you are considering is suitable for your windows), mount (some window treatments have options for interior or exterior mounts), etc.

Once you’ve considered how you want your kitchen window treatments to function, it’s time to consider some of the different options currently available.

Top 5 Kitchen Window Treatments Combining Function and Style:

  1. Roman Shades
  2. Natural Woven Wood Shades or Bamboo Shades
  3. Faux Wood Blinds
  4. Roller Shades
  5. Faux Wood or Wood Alternative Shutters

Roman Shades as Kitchen Window Treatments:

One of the easiest methods of working a pattern or color into an all-white or neutral kitchen design, the roman shade can make your windows pop, bring an element of softness into the area (fabric texture), and give a kitchen a clean, classic look. The roman shade is also advantageous because it is available in such a wide variety of colors and patters, and also offers a good selection of optional features to accommodate your specific needs. However, roman shades are made of fabric, so they are susceptible to grease spots, food stains, etc. Keep this in mind when considering roman shades as your preferred kitchen window treatment.

Natural Woven Wood Shades for your Kitchen Windows:

Natural woven shades are a great choice if you need to add some natural texture to your space, or if you want your kitchen windows to stand out without veering toward more traditional or elaborate styles. The natural woven shade offers both visual interest and texture, while maintaining a sense of neutrality. While not as susceptible to grease/food stains as the fabric roman shades, splash zone areas can still be problematic with the natural woven shade. Adding natural woven shades to your kitchen windows tends to bring character into the area without completely stealing the spotlight. The natural woven shade is also a great choice for creating contrast and they fit in perfectly with more eclectic interior design styles.

Installing Faux Wood Blinds in Your Kitchen:

When it comes to kitchen windows,  it seems you can’t go wrong with faux wood blinds. Kitchen windows finished with faux wood blinds appear polished and complete without making any big design statements. The look is classic (never outdated), and since faux wood blinds are made of PVC, you can wipe them down easily with soap and water to keep them clean; even if they’re in a splash zone.

Roller Shades as Kitchen Window Treatments:

Roller shades are a great choice for more modern kitchen designs or for those who just love clean lines. The roller shade is also a particularly good choice for small windows since they don’t cover much of the window when they are “raised” or rolled up. Roller shades are generally available in a wide variety of materials, colors, prints, etc. If you are looking for an easy to clean roller shade, consider options made of vinyl material so they will be easier to clean and less susceptible to stains from food or grease. If you aren’t sure if the roller shade is the right fit, consider ordering free window shade samples.

Faux Wood or Wood Alternative Shutters for Kitchen Windows

Wood alternative shutters are a great combination of style and function for kitchen windows. The PVC material provides the same benefit as faux wood blinds – allowing the slats of the shutters to be wiped clean easily at any time with soap and water. And the classic shutter style means your kitchen windows benefit from an upscale look. Make sure to consider placement of both the windows and surrounding appliances, etc. when considering installation of wood alternative shutters for kitchen windows. For instance, a high arching kitchen faucet could prevent a wood alternative shutter from opening. Another bonus of the wood alternative shutter is that they’re always completely cordless, so they’re a great choice for child safety.

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