common window problems like gigantic windows have easy solutions

Common Window Problems with Easy Solutions: Gigantic Windows

When customers consider window treatments for the windows in their home or office, there are certain questions that come up on a regular basis. If you’ve been shopping for blinds or shades, you’ve probably had a lot of the same questions. Today we’ll feature one of many common window problems that has an easy solution: gigantic windows.

Common Window Problems = Gigantic Windows

When shopping for blinds or shades, size limitations can be very frustrating. When shopping for blinds or shades with, you have access to our Design Consultants. And our Design Consultants have the experience, and the knowledge along with access to a wide variety of products, so your gigantic windows don’t have to prevent you from getting the look and the features you want.

Easy Window Shade Solutions for Gigantic Windows:

  • Discover options for two shades installed in one headrail. Great for larger windows (or even gigantic windows), two shades installed in one headrail is a very versatile window treatment option that features two independently working blinds or shades that share one continuous headrail. Sharing one continuous headrail allows easier lifting of the blind or shade and also creates a clear, uncluttered look for the room.
  • Discuss Custom oversized shade options with one of our Design Consultants. If your window’s measurements are not listed as an available option on the website, don’t despair. Contact one of the Design Consultants directly so they can talk to you about your window and your product choices. In most cases, we can order the product you prefer in the size you need as a “custom” order. The Design Consultants may also recommend specific products features depending on your window, and your lifestyle. Some of the most popular add on features may still be available on custom oversize shades: cordless shades, blackout shades, motorized shades, etc.

Chat With Our Online Reps About Common Window Problems:

Design Consultants know how important it is for your shades and blinds to have the right look, come in the perfect color, add just the right texture, and align with your specific needs both for your room and your family. Bring them all your questions, they know their stuff and they’re excited to share the answers with you. And they are fully versed in all the issues that come with gigantic windows, and all the different products and features that offer great solutions.

Don’t let common window problems hold you back from getting what you want for your home or office windows. Looking for window treatments for your gigantic windows? Don’t let size limitations frustrate you. Check out some of the 2 shades in 1 headrail options or order a custom shade through one of the Design Consultants. Browse products, order samples, and consider some or the helpful window measuring and installation how tos at

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