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Motorized Shades FAQ: a Popular & Exciting Add On Feature

We often get motorized shades FAQ; questions from prospective customers, or returning customers interested in upgrading more of their window shades. One of the topics that comes up the most regularly regardless of product is motorization. Almost everyone looking to upgrade their window coverings is at least a little interested in the possibility of motorizing hard to reach or inaccessible window shades, and others just adore the convenience of it for all the windows in their home.  read more...

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Top 5 RV Window Shades: Combining Style and Function

The RV life is all about travel and freedom…and the freedom to travel where you want when you want to go. Some RVers reserve their recreational vehicles for annual family trips or periodic road trips. Others live in their RVs full time. Regardless of why you love the RV life or how you choose to enjoy it, there’s one thing we can all agree on – the RV life is about doing it your way. So it’s only appropriate that many RV enthusiasts enjoy making their RV their own with custom upgrades and decor like new window shades. Upgrading your RV blinds or shades is a simple way to make a drastic difference to the overall look and feel of the RV. In many cases, recreational vehicles can significantly benefit from upgraded window shades with better or more functional features.  read more...

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How Does Sun Exposure & the Type of Window Affect Window Blinds?

Are you updating a room in your home? Looking for a single shade for that difficult window? Hunting for the perfect window treatments to install throughout your new home purchase? Regardless of whether you are looking for one new window blind or 32 new plantation shutters, remember to consider the specifics of your room and your window before installing new blinds or shades. In a past article, we talked about how the purpose or function of a room can affect your window treatment choice, but what about the details of your room and your window? read more...