I have a window that only has a 1.5" mounting surface. I wanted to put a blackout honeycomb shade to match the other windows. Do I have any options to get a shade in such a narrow window?
Windows with minimal window frame depth can be difficult. Many window blinds need at least a couple inches of depth to mount the blinds. For shallow windows some possible choices include honeycomb shades, 1" aluminum blinds, 1" faux wood blinds or 1" wood blinds, bamboo shades, and roman shades.

Each window blind has different depth requirements so check the individual product specifications. Most window blinds list both a minimum mounting depth and as well as a flush mounting depth. Although the blinds can be mounted inside the window frame using the minimal mounting depth, a portion of the blinds will extend past the front edge of the window frame. For the blinds to fit completely within the window frame enclosure you must have the depth specified in the flush mounting depth.

Honeycomb shades are a good option for windows with shallow depth. Most need as little as 1 1/2 inches of window frame depth to mount them inside the window frame. They are light weight and compress tightly at the top of the window frame when opened. Honeycomb shades are also excellent insulators, saving money on energy bills. Buy honeycomb shades today!
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