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Bamboo Woven Wood Shades
Tavarua Basics Bamboo ShadesFree Decorative Tapesdetails
Buy Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades
Bamboo Woven Wood Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Tavarua Woven Wood ShadesFree Decorative TapesMore Free Upgradesdetails
Buy Tavarua Woven Wood Shades
Bamboo Woven Wood Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Tavarua Exotic Woven Wood ShadesFree Decorative TapesMore Free Upgradesdetails
Buy Tavarua Exotic Woven Wood Shades
Bamboo Woven Wood Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Tavarua Bamboo Ring DraperyFree Decorative Tapesdetails
Buy Tavarua Bamboo Ring Drapery
Bamboo Woven Wood Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.0/5
Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring DraperyFree Decorative Tapesdetails
Buy Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Drapery
Bamboo Woven Wood Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 4.5/5
Solar Screen Shades
Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shadesdetails
Buy Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shades
Solar Screen Shades from Blinds Chalet
Rated 5.0/5

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Light Filtering Woven Wood Blinds - Bamboo Roman Shades

I just received my order from you for woven wood shades and they are just beautiful! Very classy looking and much nicer that I could have hoped for especially for the price. In fact I've already recommended your site to at least 5 of my friends! I'm now looking for 1 or 2 more woven wood or bamboo roman type shades that will allow a lot of light through the shades since privacy is not an issue. Can you offer any suggestion?

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Tortoise Shell Bamboo Shades

I am looking for tortoise shell bamboo shades and wondered what you have to offer?

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Bamboo Draperies & Bamboo Curtains for Patio Doors

I have 3 patio doors with the center door as the walk out. I want to cover them with bamboo shades top down. Would this work with what I have?

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Natural Material Blinds

I am looking for natural material blinds and wondered what you carry?

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Blinds and Shades for Very Large Windows

I am trying to figure out the best window blinds or shades for very large windows. What do you recommend?

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Bamboo Sliding Panels - Bamboo Panel Track Blinds

How wide are the bamboo sliding panels? I have a 124 wide closet to cover. I would like 6 panels of 20 inch width to all stack on left.

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Insulating Bamboo Shades

Looking to insulate my windows for the winter months, I came across an ad for your website stating "insulate your windows with bamboo shades." Having done alot of research, how is this possible? Is there a backing of insulating material on added to the shades to keep the cold air from escaping through each piece of bamboo and into the room?

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Woven Wood Shades Liners

What is the depth difference in the attached vs. moveable liners on the Tavarua Woven Wood Shades?

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Woven Wood Blinds with Roman Privacy Liner

I'm ordering woven wooden blinds to fit inside my window frame. There are several different pieces of moulding. How much space do the need to mount to? How much more for the roman privacy liner?

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Woven Wood Shades with Valance - Bamboo Sliding Panels

Tavarua Exotic Woven Wood Shades -- do they include a valance? I'd like them to match the bamboo sliding panels, which DO include the valance.

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Bamboo Roller Shades, Woven Wood Shades and Sliding Panels
Bamboo has become increasing popular with consumers for many reasons. The first is bamboo’s sustainability. Harvesting bamboo is nothing like harvesting trees from the forest. Bamboo grows at a faster rate than almost any other plant on earth, up to four inches per day. The next reason bamboo is becoming popular in home decorating is the flavor it brings to a room. Bamboo offers style, as well as an ‘island’ feel.... more
Energy Efficient Shades
With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.... more
Green Window Treatments
Many people ask if there are ways to incorporate eco-friendly window treatments into their home design and still have a stylish appearance. There are. Bamboo offers and exotic flair to homes, while roller and solar shades give a subtle polished appearance to a room. Cell shades are probably the most plain as far as design goes, but the selection of rich, neutral colors are a great compliment to any room.... more
Finding Window Treatment Information On-line
In the past, when some one wanted to know how to dispose of their blinds, or the best way to clean their blinds, they often asked their neighbor or a friend what they did. This was a great system as long as someone in the network knew what to do. Today, the Internet has changed everything. Answers to virtually any question can be found with a few clicks on a keyboard. This is making everyone’s life a lot easier.... more
Cool Shades
There are tons of blinds, shades and window treatments on the market. There are the energy efficient ones – honeycomb cell shades – the environmentally friendly ones – EcoGreen Roller Shades and bamboo shades – there are the elegant blinds – Roman Shades – and there are the classic blinds – wood blinds. But where are the fun ones? Where are the window treatments that show a little personality?... more
Matchstick Shades
Matchstick shades are also known as bamboo shades or woven wood shades. They offer an elegant South Pacific or tropical feel to a room, apartment or guesthouse. Generally, each woven wood shade will be slightly different in appearance as the unique characteristics from each piece of wood will be slightly different.... more
Bamboo Blinds
Tavarua bamboo blinds may also be referred to as matchstick blinds or woven wood shades. To create an exotic look, these blinds are woven into a light filtering window covering that is full of character. Each Tavarua woven wood shade comes with color coordinated cords and tassels as well as a matching 6-inch valance. Edge bindings are available for the entire Tavarua line of bamboo blinds to help protect the delicate edges from cracking or breaking.... more

Category: Blind Repairs

How To Add a Liner To Bamboo Shades
Bamboo shades without a liner offer little privacy and simply filter the light. The amount of light that passes between each of the woven wood bamboo slats will vary based on the pattern and size of the bamboo. For instance woven grass shades offer less privacy than thicker bamboo shades. If you have existing bamboo shades, adding a privacy or blackout liner is possible with these easy steps. ... more
How to Shorten Bamboo Blinds
Woven wood shades can be shortened when the length is too long. Bamboo shades with liners and edge binding are more difficult than standard bamboo shades such as our Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades. To shorten standard woven wood shades follow these easy steps:... more

Category: Special Offers

Introducing Asante Roman Shades - Feb. 27th - Mar. 3rd 2009
Free Upgrades and Special Offers - Feb. 20th - Feb. 23rd 2009
Free Upgrades and Special Offers - Feb. 13th - Feb. 16th 2009
Special Offers on Window Coverings - Mar. 13th - Mar. 16th 2009

Category: Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Bamboo Products Benefit the Planet
Bamboo is becoming a substitute for wood and cotton on many levels. From houses to flooring, cabinetry and even window treatments, the benefits of bamboo are creating a surge in demand for this product. Because bamboo is a sustainable resource, meaning it replenishes itself in a short amount of time, growing demand doesn’t deplete bamboo forests or cause the long-term devastation to habitat that logging oak, pine or other woods does.... more

News Articles for "Tavarua"

Roller shades are one of the most versatile window treatments that can be added to a decorating plan.
Roller shades remain one of the most versatile window coverings for all decors
Nov 17 2011

For their selection of fabric patterns, colors, weaves and materials, roller shades are one of the most versatile window coverings.

Industrial decor is becoming more broadly used by homeowners.
Bamboo sunscreen roller shades fit the growing 'lndustrial' style
Nov 7 2011

Increasingly, suburbanites are taking on some of the industrial design styles that have been popularized by urban loft dwellers.

The beauty of bamboo is found in Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies.
Bamboo ring draperies combine the looks of drapes and woven wood shades
Nov 4 2011

For a window treatment that combines the sophistication of custom drapery with the natural look of woven wood shades, the Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies from Blinds Chalet will achieve both looks.

A bamboo sunscreen roller shade can present as attractive a view of the window treatment from the outdoors as inside the home.
Bamboo sunscreen roller shades are attractive from the inside and the outdoors
Nov 4 2011

A window treatment should be well-coordinated with a home's interior, but should also present an attractive view to passersby outdoors.

Rearranging furniture is easier to do when it's planned out on paper first.
Starting with paper cutouts, furniture arrangement is made easier
Oct 28 2011

Instead of pushing heavy furniture around a room, an easy way to arrange a room is to put it down on paper first.

Woven bamboo has become a popular, eco-friendly choice for window coverings.
Eco-friendly bamboo woven woods shades have variated textures and colors
Oct 21 2011

Variated textures and colors in bamboo woven woods shade make them unique every time they are chosen for a window treatment.

Texture, color, light and balance are essential to good home design.
Australian designer Joan Hall relies on design 'essentials' for room makeovers
Oct 20 2011

For Australian interior designer Joan Hall, no room makeover is likely to succeed without an understanding of four essentials – color, texture, light and balance.

Solar screen shades reduce sun glare on computer and TV screens.
Solar screen shades cut sun glare, block UV rays and save energy
Oct 11 2011

With the growing number of electronic devices in the average household, eye strain has become an issue that the right window treatment can modify.

Use Tavarua Woven Wood Shades for a minimal look in any room.
Bring a minimalist feel into any room with Tavarua Woven Wood Shades
Aug 18 2011

Plenty of people prefer a beautiful home with a variety of decors and knickknacks. In a traditional setting, you can find armoires and cabinets filled with a plethora of objects and collectibles. However, there are others who would rather have a minimalist home free of clutter and other objects.

A variety of wood tones are available in Tavarua Bamboo Roller Shades.
Tavarua Bamboo Roller Shades combine style with solar function
Aug 3 2011

Buying Tavarua Bamboo Roller Shades from Blinds Chalet is like getting two popular window treatments in one design.