Looking to insulate my windows for the winter months, I came across an ad for your website stating "insulate your windows with bamboo shades." Having done alot of research, how is this possible? Is there a backing of insulating material on added to the shades to keep the cold air from escaping through each piece of bamboo and into the room?
A standard woven wood shade does little to insulate your windows. Adding a cloth liner to the bamboo shades adds an additional barrier between your home and the cold outside weather.

The best bamboo shades we carry is our Tavarua Line of woven woods. They offer a thicker fabric liner than most bamboo shades, creating a better insulating barrier.

The top insulating window blinds and shades would be honeycomb shades. We even offer a ComforTrack cell shade that has side tracks to block heat loss between the shades and the sides of the window frame.
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