Hi, I am interested in solar shades for my living room area. We live in the mountains at almost 8000 feet. The sun is very strong here! The sun reflecting off the snow is very intense. I would like to keep the view but cut the glare and make it so I don't have a headache during the day from squinting b/c it is so bright. I think solar shades are the way to go. I am very concerned about indoor air quality so I would like the ones that are the safest. I cannot find any info about the VOC's and the composition of your ecogreen solar shades on your website. Also what is the openness of these solar shades? When we bought this house it had the cheap Walmart vinyl blinds and they were twisted and partially melted from the intense sun in these windows. Given that, what is the warranty on these shades? Does a darker color vs. a lighter color matter?
Solar screen shades would be a great solution for your window coverings because they are a great way to reduce glare and cut down on the UV rays, saving money on energy bills without blocking the view.

EcoGreen fabrics are recyclable and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving your indoor air quality so they are good for the environment. The Ecogreen solar shades are about a 5% openness and the Ecogreen Roller shades are about a 1% openness. The color of the shades does not effect the amount of light that passes through them. Darker shades may absorb more of the suns energy but there is not much difference between the energy savings.

As with all our window blinds and shades, our EcoGreen shades come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty does not apply to any parts which fail due to accident, alteration, improper use, abuse, neglect, normal wear, and color fading to sunlight, direct exposure to salt air or improper cleaning. All fabrics can lose original intensity after long exposure to the sun. It does cover any defective window blinds or shades in materials of workmanship for the life of the product.
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