I will soon be purchasing blinds for my new home from your company. I have one problem area, though. I have a sliding glass door that needs to be covered in the evenings so no one can look in, but i like it open during the day for the sun. I HATE vertical blinds. Do you have another product that would work?
Large window blinds such as patio doors can be a challenge. Because of the size of the window, many blinds and shades will not work. Many people would prefer other options to vertical blinds but are not sure what choices are available.

Bamboo draperies and sliding panel track blinds are great alternatives to vertical blinds. Bamboo draperies are made with grommets that attach the drapery to the rod and they operate by simply pulling the draperies open or closed. Privacy or blackout liners can be added for light control and privacy.

Sliding panel blinds operate similar to vertical blinds but instead of 3 1/2" vanes, they are made in larger panels. Panel track blinds can be opened and closed using a cord and each panel stack on top of the other when the blinds are opened. This is a good alternative because panel track blinds can be used on very large windows and offer a more expensive designer look the windows. Once again, privacy or blackout liners may be added to the blinds for privacy and light control.
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