I am looking at your 2" wood blinds. There is not much of a price difference. I'm interested in plain white. What is the difference between the various 2" wood blinds (other than available colors)?
Our real wood blinds are separated into "Good", "Better", and "Best" categories. The differences between each category can be seen in the quality of the wood blind slats, the valances, and the components used to operate the wooden blinds. Although all of our wood blinds are top quality, some are better than others.

Here are some key differences to look for.
  • One of the most noticeable differences is the wood slats themselves. Our "Best" wooden blinds will have better quality wood and better finishes. This difference will be more noticeable with stain colors than with white wood blinds. Choose a wood blind that has the color you want.
  • wood valance
    "Cornice Style" Valance vs Standard Crown Valance
    Another noticeable difference is the valances. Although all of our wood blinds come with a free matching valance, there are different styles and options available. Most of our wood valances are crown molding with have similar contours but some are different or offer more than one valance choice.

    With our more expensive wooden blinds we offer a free "cornice style" valance upgrade. Although the valance is the same contour, a "cornice style" valance sits outside the window frame and has short returns creating a more elegant finish to the wood blinds.
  • Blinds in our "Good" category are typically custom made quicker as they are pre-fabricated and trimmed to your window sizes. This process limits the sizes and colors of these window blinds. Blinds in our "Better" and "Best" categories have more options, upgrades, sizes, etc.
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