I am interested in the cordless 9/16 translucent single cell shades in Linen Cocoa color. What color is the side that faces out to the street?
All of our honeycomb cell shades have a neutral white color on the street side of the window shades. This creates a uniform look from the outside of the home while the inside may have different colors for each room which is ideal for home owners associations.

Honeycomb cell shades are available in either single cell shades or double cell shades. Typically the more cell within the fabric, the better they insulate but this is minimal. For added insulation thicker fabrics as well as those that block more light such as blackout shades insulate better.

Honeycomb shades also have various lift options. Choose from a standard lift or upgrade to cordless shades, top down bottom up or continuous cord loop. Each upgrade is designed for different needs. Cordless shades are great for child safety as there are no visible cords. Top down bottom up shades allow the blinds to be lowered letting light in the room while still giving privacy. Continuous cord loop shades are great for larger blinds that are heavier to lift. Whatever your specific needs are, Blinds Chalet can help. Buy your cellular shades today!
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