I am interested in purchasing the horizontal fabric shades.
One of the windows I want to cover is a window on a door. I need the measurements of the headrail so that I can order properly. I also need to know how much room I will require to mount brackets so that the blinds don't swing when the door is opened. I also want to make sure that this option is available for this product.
Our horizontal fabric shades come with a metal headrail that is 1-1/2" high by 2-3/8" deep. Made with a steel contoured headrail that is painted with a color coordinated matte finish.

Our horizontal fabric shades are available with hold downs so they can be attached to doors like any horizontal blind. Hold downs are designed to attach the bottom of the blinds or shades to the wall or door. Typically they are used when the blinds are attached to a movable surface such as a door or for rv blinds.

A venetian blind, pleated shade, and roman shade all in one. Designed to operate like a wood blind with the look of pleated shades. Because this horizontal shade is made from fabric, it closes tighter when raised than traditional venetian blinds
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