Do you carry rattan blinds? What is the difference between ratan shades and bamboo shades or is there a difference?
Our tavarua woven wood shades do not contain any rattan but are made from bamboo, jute, paper, wood, and grass. Rattan shades and bamboo shades are essentially the same thing. Both are natural shades made from wood woven together to make a "fabric" used in window shades. If you are looking for rattan blinds view our complete line of bamboo shades.

Our line of bamboo shades are made from various items woven together to make a unique line of window shades. By weaving together different variations of bamboo, jute, paper, wood, and grass to create a wide selection of bamboo and woven grass shades. We also offer many free upgrades you will not find anywhere else. Watch for free liners and free edge binding on your bamboo shade purchase.

Rattan is a palm native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Rattan is similar to bamboo but unlike bamboo their stems are solid. Ratan is excellent for making furniture such was window blinds and can be painted or stained so it can be available in many colors.

Bamboo is excellent for making furniture such as window blinds because it is a renewable resource. Bamboo grows quickly and can easily regrow when it is cut. Our tavarua bamboo shades are made from wild grown bamboo that is not treated with any pesticides or chemicals making them eco-friendly window coverings.
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