At Blinds Chalet we do not sell individual parts for blinds such as valance clips. If you have purchased the window blinds from us we can send you replacement parts.

Valance clips are designed to hold the valance in place on window blinds. Valances are designed to hide the headrail and mounting brackets and finish off the top of the blinds. Valances come in different styles but most of our valances are crown molding. Valance clips can be metal or plastic and come in either a hidden style or visible. Our top of the line window blinds offer hidden clips that are not visible when the valance is attached.

Most of our window blinds come standard with a free crown molding valance. One feature we offer with many of our window blinds is a "cornice style" valance. Most valances on inside mount blinds sit inside the window frame with the blinds. With a cornice style valance, the crown molding valance is outside the window frame while the blinds are inside the window frame. The valance extends past the window frame and has returns cut at 45 degrees that bring the ends of the valance back to the wall. This free upgrade creates a nicer, finished look to the blinds.
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