How do I install window blinds on arched windows?
Just about any window blind or shade can be installed in an arch top window, leaving the arch top open.

Horizontal Blinds
With horizontal blinds the brackets are designed to mount the blinds from any direction, back, top, or side. To mount a horizontal wood, faux wood, or aluminum blind in the window frame, simply mount the brackets at the top of the straight section of the window where the arch begins. Screw the brackets in to the sides of the window frame. You will want to make sure the brackets are at equal heights so that blind is level.

Cell shades, Roman Shades, Roller Shades
With window shades, most standard brackets are designed to mount into the top of the window frame. For an arch top window frame you will need to mount to the sides. Make sure when you order your window shades you request side mount brackets. Mount the brackets at the top of the straight portion of the window frame where the arch begins.

With most window blinds and shades you can purchase a matching arch top window blind or shade. This shade can then be mounted above the square window blinds or shades.
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