When pricing a shutter, are they priced per panel or per window?
Window shutter pricing is based on the size of the window you are covering or the size of the shutter. The smaller the window the cheaper the shutter cost. The number of panels does not change the price of the window shutter. For instance if you choose a 2 panel configuration it is not a cheaper shutter than a 3 panel configuration.

Other surcharges that increase the price of the shutters are options and upgrades such as hidden tilt bars or different color hinges. The other obvious cost of the shutters is the type of shutters. Real wood shutters cost more than wood alternative or composite shutters.

Window shutters may cost more than other window coverings but they are built to last. Shutters are excellent insulators, great for blocking light and are good for larger windows. Shutters can also control the lighting in the room by only opening one shutter or by opening the top portion of the shutters.

Shutters are a popular window covering. Shop online at Blinds Chalet and save big on your shutter purchase. Buy your window shutters today!
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