I'm looking at your bamboo blinds. I would like something that has a liner so it is room darkening and also helps as an insulator. Do you have any vertical panels that would match the bamboo shades?
Bamboo Drapes
Although they are designed for privacy and light control, adding liners to bamboo shades will add additional insulation. Standard woven wood shades without liners are more like screens, allowing light to pass through. Upgrade your bamboo shades with a liner to add privacy, light control, and increase insulation.

Liners come in either blackout or simply privacy liners. They can also be attached to the bamboo shades or they can be a separate shade that operates behind the bamboo shades. Attached liners raise and lower with the shade while a separate movable liner will have it's own lift control.

Our Tavarua bamboo shades have two options for vertical bamboo blinds. Choose from matching bamboo drapes or bamboo sliding panel verticals. Bamboo drapes slide open and closed on a drapery rod. Panel track vertical bamboo blinds operate with a headrail and the panels stack on the side of the window.

Watch for our online specials such as buy 4 or more bamboo shades and get the liners for free. This is a significant savings so buy your insulator bamboo shades with liners today!
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