Can I get tax credit for installing window blinds in my home?
Yes, we offer a tax credit on window blinds through our manufacturer on purchases made in 2009 and 2010 on our ComforTrack cell shades and EnergyTrack cell shades. The federal government issued a federal tax credit for products that increase energy efficiency. The tax credit is for 30% of the window covering purchase up to $1500. Please speak with your tax advisor to see if this tax credit applies to you.

ComforTrack shades offer a unique side track system that is specifically designed to insulate your windows and reduce heat loss or gain in your windows. Not only is the shade itself made of insulating fabric, each side of the shade has a track which closes gaps between the window and the shades creating an insulating barrier for drafts. There is also an additional foam seal added at the top of the shades between the window frame and the headrail. This added insulating barrier can cut your energy loss by two thirds!

ComforTrack cell shades are available with a standard lift cord but can also be upgraded to a cordless shade as well as a cordless top down bottom up shade.
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