Do you carry any bamboo shades for sliding glass door or patio doors? I have a large window and want bamboo shades.
We have a few options for bamboo shades on patio doors. Because of their size, sliding glass doors can be difficult to find window coverings for, especially bamboo blinds. Traditional bamboo roman shades are limited on their size but bamboo curtains and bamboo sliding panels are made for larger windows such as patio doors.

Bamboo curtains have grommets and hang from a drapery rod. Typical bamboo curtains are split into two panels and are drawn by hand to opposite sides of the sliding glass door. Bamboo curtains come with edge binding for free and an option to upgrade to privacy or blackout liners.

Bamboo sliding panels can either be split draw or draw to one side of the patio door. The size of the bamboo panels vary based on the size of the patio door but are typically between 22" and 28" each. When the bamboo sliding panels are pulled to the side of the patio door they stack on top of each other.

Bamboo curtains and bamboo sliding panels offer look of bamboo shades for sliding glass doors and large patio doors. Buy your bamboo shades for patio door today!
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