Cordless Blinds Save Children’s Lives

Jan 24 2011

When getting a house ready for a new baby, or as the baby grows, parents are careful to protect sharp corners and put safety latches on cabinets and doors, but few parents realize the dangers of dangling cords. Cords that we use to lift and lower window treatments can be a threat to our children and our pets. Children have been strangled to death after getting their heads caught in the cords and not being able to get out. The same goes for pets. We feel it is crucial to spread the word on this issue as it can so easily be fixed.

The blinds that are most at risk for potential harm are those that were manufactured before 2001. Through the Window Covering Safety Council, free retrofit kits can be ordered. These help ‘fix’ the window blinds so they are no longer a safety concern. If, however you would like to purchase new blinds, or you just moved into a home, then cordless window blinds are what you are looking for. Before you order, double check that they are in fact cordless and if you need to, place a call to the dealer so you can be sure.

Fortunately, as safety concerns arose, window treatment manufacturers stepped up to the task of creating a variety of styles that come with cordless blinds so every room can be outfitted with your personal style:

•    Single and Double Cell shades – some of the best insulators on the market
•    Blackout Single and Double Cell Shades – these offer insulation as well as complete privacy
•    EnergyTrack & ComforTrack Cell Shades – with a purchase of these window treatments, you could see up to $2,500 in a Federal Tax Credit
•    Cordless Mini Blinds – cheapest window treatments available – not great insulators.
•    Light Filtering Roman Shades – roman shades are elegant and classy
•    Woven Wood Roman Shades – brings the outside in and offers a soft, natural feel
•    Textured Linen Roman Shades – these combine roman shades with a cell shade liner
•    Satin Roman Shades – opulence
•    Light Filtering Pleated Shades with No Holes Privacy – no holes means no pinpoints of light come through
•    Room Darkening Pleated Shades with No Holes Privacy – the best for complete darkness

There may be other window treatments on the market with cordless varieties, but these are the most popular. Window treatments and shades come in a variety of colors and fabrics for every style of home, whether your tastes are more geared towards modern, traditional, or rustic designs, there is something to fit your needs and protect your children. We encourage you to spread the world about window safety so there is one less thing for parents to have to worry about.

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