Perforated 3 1/2" Vertical Blinds

Designed with vanes that have small pin holes to allow filtered light to enter the room. Perforated vertical blinds are a great way to reduce glare without blocking all the light. Because they have small perforated holes in the vanes they are not a complete privacy blind. Shop for your vertical blinds at Blinds Chalet!

Perforated vertical blinds are a practical application for offices, businesses or any location where light control is a necessity.

When you shop for vertical blinds from Blinds Chalet, each perforated vertical blind comes standard with a dust cover valance at no additional charge.
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How to Order Free Blind Samples Due to the color variation between monitors we recommend ordering samples before placing your order if color is important.



Off White
Off White

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is it made out of material or pvc?
Asked on Aug 6 2012 by Linda
They are made from PVC vanes that have small pin holes in them that allow filtered light to pass through them.
Additional Vanes(3 pack)
Additional Vanes(3 pack)
Add three extra matching vanes with your purchase. This an ideal purchase for areas in the home that are exposed to high traffic, children or pets.
Each of our blinds and shades are custom made to your specifications. You can expect them to arrive approximately 2 to 2 1/2 weeks after ordering. Standard shipping is UPS or FedEx ground.

Product Specifications
12" - 192"
12" - 144"
Headrail Dimension:
1.25" x 1.75"

Free Features
Draw Position
Draw Position
Select the side of the blind for the draw control location. The draw control is used to open and close the blinds.

For a cord control, the draw position will be on the same side where the blinds stack. For a wand control, the draw position will be on the opposite side of where the blinds stack.
Tilt Control
Tilt Control
The tilter control is used to open and shut the blinds. Tilter control options are either a traditional wand or a cord pull. Blinds Chalet recommends the cord pull for easier use and durability.

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