Go green with bamboo woven wood shades

Dec 23 2010

Go green with bamboo woven wood shades
Go green with bamboo woven wood shades
Making a home greener has become a popular movement among homeowners, but many may not know how to begin making an abode more environmentally friendly. There are some effective additions that one can make that are both affordable and stylish.

Nancy Bredemeyer, who will be teaching a course about sustainable design in 2011, recently shared some tips with TCPalm.com that can help individuals take the eco-leap inside their house.

"Paints, wall coverings, rugs, lighting fixtures, furniture, each has a set of considerations," she told the news source. "So many choices when we renovate inside our homes have an environmental impact. If we focus on the 're's - reuse, recycle, renew, replace - without sending three dump loads to the landfill every time we change something, we can make a great difference."

She also touched on the benefits of environmentally friendly paint, which may be more expensive initially, but will have major health benefits later. Bredemeyer suggests that many cheap paints may actually contain chemicals that trigger allergies or respiratory problems.

Synthetic material can often be better for surfaces and other furnishings. Bredemeyer states that these can last longer, which means that they won't have to be replaced as soon as other materials.

For this same reason, she recommends paint instead of wallpaper, because wallpaper can often grow mildew under humid or wet conditions. This can not only cause an unpleasant sight and smell, it may also get some sensitive individuals sick.

When it comes to illumination, Bredemeyer advises that homeowners opt for natural lighting options, as well as a brighter home in general.

"Lighting is an area where the homeowner saves money by doing the environmentally responsible thing. As a bonus, it affects your mood. You literally will be happier when you make the right choices," she told the news provider.

Bredemeyer says that there are two primary factors to take into consideration when a household is trying to go a greener rate. First, families should try to stock up on furniture and accessories that is local, because this can greatly reduce the amount of carbon emissions from trucks that transport goods back and forth.
Secondly, one should use sustainable materials.

Bamboo woven wood shades can be ideal for a green home, because they are harvested from natural bamboo, which grows so quickly that it is considered a renewable resource. This unique material is also harvested without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.
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