Noise reduction shades can help with complexion

Nov 11 2010

Noise reduction shades can help with complexion
Noise reduction shades can help with complexion
Getting the right amount of sleep every night can do wonders for concentration and mood, but it can also be a natural beauty agent, rejuvenating the skin's tone and complexion during the night, according to

The benefits occur during the second phase of slumber, the delta phase, as cells begin to repair themselves. The news source states that this process can actually help skin fight any signs of premature aging, and every phase of sleep can help reverse the wear and tear of free radicals.

To help facilitate this process, one should first apply creams and lotions 20 minutes before bedtime, so the oils accumulated throughout the day are washed away. This way, skin can absorb these formulas during sleep.

It can also help to be totally relaxed when it's time for bed. One way to do this is to hop in the tub before getting under the covers. Bath salts and essential oils can be very helpful to skin.

However, noisy traffic or loud neighbors can also interrupt beauty sleep. To solve this, individuals may want to hang noise reduction shades on their windows, as they can create a calm, serene environment.
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