Motorized Wood Blinds

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Tilt your real wood blinds using a hand held remote control. Our motorized wood blinds operate the tilt only not the lift. Motorized wood blinds are a great way to operate hard to reach blinds or just for ease of use. If the wood blinds are motorized there will not be any tilt cords or wands hanging from the blinds.

Below is a list of the blinds and shades that are available with the "Motorized" upgrade. You must select the upgrade when you add the item to your cart. Additional fees will apply for the upgrade.

 Optional Upgrades
Routless - No Holes Privacy
Routless Ladders - No Holes Privacy
Routless Ladders - No Holes Privacy

Routless ladders are designed so there are no holes in the center of each blind slat. This adds additional privacy and blocks more light than traditional wood blinds.

Things to Consider:
Because routless ladders do not have a routed hold and a cord running through each slat, the slats may be removed for cleaning. This also means the slats may shift and are not recommended for outside mounts or in areas reachable by children or pets.

Decorative Fabric Tapes
Decorative Fabric Tapes
Decorative Fabric Tapes

Decorative tapes add a fabric ladder that covers the routed holes in each blind slat. Not only do the fabric tapes add additional privacy and light blockage, they add color to accent any decor. Decorative tapes come in wide range of colors and styles.



multiple headrails
2 on 1 headrail
2 on 1 headrail / 3 on 1 headrail

Larger window blinds become heavy and harder to lift. By having multiple blinds sharing a common headrail, each blind will come with its own controls and will operate independantly from the other blind(s).

Things to consider:
Because there must be a slight gap between each blind, consider the light and privacy issues. Align the gaps between the blinds with the divider rails in the windows.

cornice style valance
"Cornice Style" Valance vs Standard Crown Valance
Cornice Style Valance

Each of our real wood blinds standard with free valance. Most are crown molding although some are a different contour such as our signature wood blinds. We also offer on some of our wood blinds an optional "cornice style" valance. The cornice valance is a crown molding valance that sits outside the window frameon inside mount blinds. The cornice valance extends about 1 inch past on each side of the window frame. The cornice valance also has sides or returns to create a cornice look to the crown molding valance.

Things to consider:
Because the cornice style valance sits outside the window frame you need to consider any obstructions such as casing around the window or cabinets, etc. that might be in the way of the valance.