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If you are looking for an octagon window treatment then you might want to consider outside mounting your blinds. Odd shapes are much easier when you mount them on the outside of your window. We do currently offer an octagon cell shade that can be mounted inside your window. But, due to the odd shape, you are unable to raise the shade all the way up in the window. We consider octagon and trapezoid shaped window treatments to be a lot more difficult to properly measure. If you are interested in this type of blind or shade please call us at 1-888-633-7840 and we can help you with measuring and ordering the proper window covering.

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Common Questions for "Octagon"

Specialty Shaped Blinds - Six 6 Sided Double Cell Shades

I need a specialty shaped blind from the following material: Deluxe 3/8" Blackout Double Cell Shades. It is a 6 sided shape with top down needed. I have measurements and a template for this existing window. Can you do it?

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Octagon Blinds for Octagon Shaped Windows.

looking for inside window blinds for octagon bay window, 12 windows measuring 21.5w x 17.25l each. Or any other suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. We now have 4 long outside blinds.

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Trapezoidal Shaped Cellular Blinds

Do you produce trapezoidal shaped cellular blinds that FULLY open upward?

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Inside vs. Outside Mount Window Blinds

How do I know whether to use inside our outside mount window blinds?

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Octagon Cell Shades - Specialty Shape Blinds - Trapezoid Blinds

Wondering if you sell the honeycomb shades to fit a standard size octagon?

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