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Faux Wood Blinds
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Good Housekeeping 2” Polymer  Plus Wood BlindsFree Routless Ladders(No Holes Privacy)details
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Faux Wood Blinds from Blinds Chalet
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Aspen 1" Faux Wood Blindsdetails
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Wood Alternative Shutters
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Laminate Blinds - Cheap Wood Blinds

Do you carry any laminate blinds? I am looking for a cheap alternative to real wood blinds.

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Waterproof Window Shades - Bathroom Blinds

I am searching for waterproof window shade for a bathroom? Do you have this type product? Thank you.

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Bathroom Blinds - Window Blinds for the Bathroom

What is the best type of blind or shade to use in a bathroom. We would like the kind that you can push the top down and the bottom up. Do you have problems with mold if you use blinds?

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Bathroom Blinds - Humid Environment

What type of blinds would be good for a humid bathroom? Would any of the pleated or cellular blinds work?

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Top Down Bottom Up Aluminum Mini Blinds

I am DESPERATELY seeking top-down, bottom-up blinds for my BATHROOM, so I need blinds that can handle moisture. I have in my current bathroom a WONDERFUL top-down, bottom-up aluminum blind that I love, but JC Penney blinds no longer carries it.

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Top Down Bottom Up Bathroom Blinds

I am interested in finding a top down bottom up blinds for a bathroom. Moisture and privacy are issues.

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Wood Blinds - Humidity & Moisture

What types of wood blinds do you recommend for windows that are exposed regularly to humidity?

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Window Blinds vs Window Film

Window blinds vs. window films. Which is better?

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Narrow Solar Screen Window Shades | Interior Solar Shades for Windows

I need a narrow solar screen shade for a 9.75 x 386.25 opening next to a interior door. Can't find anything narrower than 12 on your site. Any suggestions on what narrow solar screen shades that you have available?

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Honeycomb Window Shades | Shades for Small Windows

I need a narrow honeycomb cellular shade for a 8.75 x 38.25 opening next to a interior door. Can't find anything narrower than 12 inches on your site. Any suggestions on what narrow cell shades are available?

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The New Simplicity of Window Coverings Affords Customers Endless Choices
There is a new attitude in the world of window treatments and blinds are quickly becoming the choice for home decorators because they are sleek and simple, and much of the hardware has gone high tech.... more
New 2 ½” Wooden Venetian Blinds
Platinum 2 1/2” Wood Blinds are now available. These wooden venetian blinds are made of oak wood with hand rubbed oil based stains. They are 40% thicker than traditional blinds and are created with a resistance to warping. The platinum wooden venetian blinds come in fifteen varieties of stains and colors from Mellow Beech to Black Walnut and decorative tapes are available for an added boost of color.... more
The Good and the Bad of Top Selling Blinds
For those looking to redecorate or update their homes, installing window treatments is the simplest place to start. Updating a home with modern window treatments helps increase the resale value. For those looking to redecorate, blinds and shades can change the feel of a room without an expensive remodel. ... more
Cheap Shades, Arizona … That’s the Answer
When someone hears the word cheap, they may conjure up one of two meanings. It can either mean cheap, as in not well made, easily broken and won’t last long or it can signify that an article can be purchased for a small amount of money. For the purposes of this article, we will talk about shades that don’t cost much money. Here are a few examples of very economic blinds for your home or office that can be purchased very without breaking the bank:... more

Category: Cleaning & Care

How Wood Blinds and Mini Blinds Help Relieve Allergies
Allergy season is in full swing. In the mountains, Cottonwood trees and flowers are blooming and in the country, tall grasses and flowers are swaying in the wind, releasing allergy triggers. For those with bad allergies, the spring and summer can become a time of suffering. However, knowing how to furnish a home can help relieve allergy symptoms indoors.... more

Category: Window Covering Design Tips

Finding Cheap Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are slatted blinds designed to block light or let light in at varying degrees during the day. Today’s venetian blinds are made in a variety of materials and price ranges. From aluminum to faux wood, to wood, these window treatments have been standard blinds in houses for decades. ... more
Blinds Chalet – Real Wood Vs. Faux
Traditional wood blinds are some of the most popular blinds for homeowners and office buildings. The natural look brings elegance and class to rooms and the variety of stains complement other wood furniture. However, today’s faux wood blinds are made with durable materials that give them the long-lasting endurance of wood without the high prices.... more
Window Treatments and Design Considerations
When choosing window treatments for any room there are some basic questions to ask so you select the right product. Each room may be different and have special needs. Here are some things to consider:... more
Kitchen Window Treatments - Best Blinds For Moisture Prone Areas
When choosing kitchen window treatments, there are some things to consider. Kitchen blinds and kitchen shades typically are in areas where they can get wet, splattered with food, cleaners and other items. Care should be taken so the proper window treatments are selected for this area of the home.... more
Bathroom Window Treatments - Blinds Chalet
Popular bathroom window treatments are those that offer privacy and will not damage in a moist environment. Privacy is an obvious concern, but steam from showers or blinds next to a sink are prone to water exposure. Care must be taken to select the correct window treatments that will last long term.... more
Real Wood Blinds vs Faux Wood Blinds
Should I go with a real wood blind or a faux wood blind? Which window blinds are the right choice for your application? Here is some basic information on the benefits of real wood blinds and faux wood blinds.... more
Buying Blinds: 5 Design Considerations
Homeowners considering window treatments like blinds can be easily overwhelmed by the plethora of options, specials, promotions, and features on the market. Making the right blind selection depends on several variables. If buyers aren't careful they'll inadvertently miss one or two important design considerations. Due to the fact that purchasing the right window blinds and shades can have lasting benefits for homeowners there is ample reason to make a buying decision carefully. ... more
Design Advantages of Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are a popular choice amongst a wide range of designers and homeowners. The advantages of this particular product are what makes it a popular choice for so many. One of the most obvious advantages of roman blinds is the design advantage. ... more
Updating Your Blinds and Shades
Homeowners during the recession are avoiding big financial moves. This means that homeowners who were considering upgrading in the recent past are most likely no longer considering the sale of their current home in order to buy a new home elsewhere. ... more
Black Mini Blinds Change the Face of Decorating
Black mini-blinds are often overlooked in favor of more neutral colors like white, cream or wood colors. However, black mini blinds create a dramatic effect in any room. The benefits of black window treatments go beyond a ‘wow’ factor - they are also practical. The benefits of black mini blinds are:... more
Window Pull Down Shades for Mother’s Day
Mothers can be hard to buy for. Depending on your budget, window pull down shades might be the perfect gift for your mom. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many companies are offering discounts on their products. The differentiating factor between window treatments and any other gift is window treatments will last. They will be a daily reminder to mom of how much she’s loved. ... more

Category: Energy Conservation

Fabric Window Shades Help Insulate Homes
Spring sales help encourage consumers to buy the shades they need at the prices they need them. With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to update blinds and help insulate homes against the scorching summer heat. Single cell shades are a great window treatment for every season. They help protect not only against light, but also against possible window drafts.... more

Category: Special Offers

Free Valance With Wooden Window Blinds

Category: Resources

Home Energy Efficiency From Windows to Lighting
Home Energy Efficiency From Windows to Lighting... more
A Homeowners Resource Guide to Home Design and Decorating
With the current prices of houses, your home will probably be the biggest investment that you will ever make. It's an investment that you will have for as long as you own the house, and you could be paying for it for the next thirty years. However, the cost of the home is just the beginning.... more

News Articles for "Bathroom"

Muted colors and natural materials are features of cottage and farmhouse decorating styles.
A mix of rustic and elegant textures are prevalent in farmhouse and cottage looks
Nov 22 2011

Large, sprawling farmhouse or cozy, quaint cottage - the decorating style of both rests on light dusty colors, natural wood tones and soft textures that coordinate well with vintage accessories.

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Open shelving works well for bathroom storage.
Window treatments and shelving in bathrooms can mirror styles in other rooms
Nov 18 2011

If there's no linen closet or medicine cabinet to store items in a bathroom, homeowners can do what they do in other rooms - install open shelving.

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New paint products are able to stand up to the heat and moisture found in bathrooms.
Decorating products need to stand up to use in a bathroom update
Nov 16 2011

When homeowners decide to re-do their bathrooms, they need products that will withstand moisture, heat and constant use.

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A monochromatic color scheme expands the look of a room.
Matching window covering hues to wall color opens up a room
Nov 16 2011

Taking a monochromatic approach to color selection in a home's décor can give the illusion of more space in small rooms.

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Personal taste in art is an important element in designing a room.
Designer stresses individuality as an important element in home decor
Nov 14 2011

If there's one feature that has been the hallmark style of designer Jonathan Adler, it's individuality.

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Finishes and texture in colors are becoming important in home decor.
Roller shades can coordinate with new paint colors and finishes
Nov 14 2011

In the world of house paints, the type of finish that a color has is becoming as important as the hue itself.

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New finishes in metals are showing up in home decor.
Burnished look in metals works well with modern and traditional decor
Nov 11 2011

Metal fixtures are becoming available in softer finishes that have emerged as a design trend for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as door hardware.

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Heat and moisture resistant Signature faux wood blinds are an excellent choice for kitchens.
Signature faux wood blinds have both sophisticated style and durability
Nov 10 2011

For homeowners who are looking for a sophisticated window covering that will add a classic look to any room in the house, the Signature line of Blind Chalet's faux wood blinds will fill the bill.

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Before holiday decorations go up, homeowners should make minor repairs to ready their homes for visitors.
Home fix-ups before guests arrive should preceed holiday decorating
Nov 8 2011

Instead of concentrating on holiday decorations, hosts of the DIY Network's show, "Brothers on Call," suggest that homeowners do a walk-through of their homes before guests arrive to make sure it's holiday ready.

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A bathroom's look can be warmed up with a moisture-proof rug and window coverings.
Function and style have merged in rugs made for the bathroom
Oct 31 2011

Shaggy throw rugs used to be a mainstay on bathroom floors, but no more. Today's floor coverings for the bath have more in common with carpeting found in other parts of the house.

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Faux wood blinds are a good choice for rooms with a lot of moisture such as bathrooms.
Faux wood blinds have the rich look of wood at an affordable price
Oct 21 2011

For the rich look of wood and the easy maintenance and durability of man-made materials, faux wood blinds from Blinds Chalet are a good choice for a window treatment.

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Several elements can create a vintage look in a bathroom.
Cellular shades are a good choice when redecorating a bathroom
Oct 19 2011

With some imagination, home decorators can bring a vintage look to their bathrooms without breaking the household budget.

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Vintage wooden boxes are among the many containers that homeowners can use to store things attractively.
Inspiration for container colors and textures can come from room's drapery
Oct 19 2011

There are shops, and whole sections of department stores, that focus on one thing that organizes and stores household possessions – namely, containers.

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Homes can be retrofitted to meet the changing needs of senior citizens.
Aging in Place design changes help elderly live in their own homes longer
Oct 13 2011

For seniors who want to live in their own homes for as long as possible, there are ways to modify their living space to make it safe and comfortable to meet their evolving needs.

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Mirrors and monochromatic color schemes give a sense of spaciousness to smaller bathrooms.
Fabric roller shades are a good choice for decorating bathrooms
Sep 22 2011

Bringing as much light as possible into a small bathroom can help create the illusion of more space in cramped quarters.

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Gray has become a neutral with many variations for home decor.
With the new grays, soft sheer shades are a good complement for windows
Sep 21 2011

Designers have recently been hailing gray as the new neutral of choice, and the selections available are hardly what could be called drab.

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Planning kitchen design around the activities of the room helps fill a household's needs best.
Soft sheer shades are a versatile choice for multi-function kitchens
Sep 19 2011

As daily activities evolve for growing families, the kitchen can become a place that embraces different functions by adding new elements to the room's design.

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Small improvements can give a dated bathroom a fresh look.
Homeowners can change a dated bathroom's style into a vintage look
Sep 19 2011

Whether a bathroom looks dated or vintage may be in the eye of the beholder. And there are small improvements that homeowners can do that breathe new life into a tired bathroom on a limited budget to play up "vintage" and get rid of "dated."

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Faux wood blinds have durability as well as style.
Premier faux wood blinds offer durability as well as style
Sep 15 2011

The rooms of a home that require the most durability in window coverings are the bathroom, kitchen, playroom and garage. But those rooms also deserve a treatment that has style as well as long-lasting value.

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Every color of the rainbow is available in window coverings from Blinds Chalet.
Window treatments available in all colors and wood tones to set a room's mood
Aug 31 2011

Psychologists have long believed that colors affect people's feelings and moods. In home decorating terms that means the colors chosen for a house can influence not only its style, but how comfortable it makes those who live there.

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