Money Saving Tips to Keep Vertical Blinds Warm This Winter

Dec 3 2009

During the cold winter months, more than 50% of a home's heat loss is through the windows. This is more than doors, walls and attics combined. Vertical blinds and other window blinds cover those large areas where you need help the most. Here are some more tips to keep you nice and toasty inside, and keep your electric bill nice and low.

Tips to Save Money this Winter
1.    Update your windows with newer more energy efficient models.

a.    This may seem a bit expensive at first, but it can save you cash on your electric bill.
b.    In addition, you can receive a federal tax credit if you purchase qualifying blinds.

2.    Tape up your windows

a.    Hold a candle next to your windows' edges and you will see a draft. Tape can keep the cold air out and the warm air in.
b.    Heat shrinking window film along with some insulating tape works wonders at keeping your house warm.
c.    In the spots that no one can see, you can save some money by using duct tape on the window edges. This will keep drafts from pushing their way in.

3.    Caulk Your Windows and Doors

a.    Hold the candle again and you will see the leaks. Caulk works better than tape and lasts longer.
b.    Be sure to purchase wood caulk for wood areas and bathroom caulk for high humidity areas. Sometimes you can even purchase colored caulk to match the rest of the window.
c.    Take your time and smooth out the edges. This will leave a nice finish making it more attractive to look at later on.

4.    Curtains

a.    Sometimes for a little extra warmth, consider adding curtains. They are attractive over vertical blinds during the winter and easily removed during the summer.
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