Routed vs. Routless Blinds - No Holes Privacy

Mar 22 2010

One popular upgrade on wood and faux wood blinds in routless blinds or no holes privacy upgrade. What is a routless blind and what are the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to a routeless blind?
Routed Blinds
Standard Routed Blinds

Standard Routed Blinds

Standard horizontal mini blinds have routed holes in each blind slat through which the lift cords pass. With routeless blinds there is no routed holes and the lift cords run along the outside of the blind slats. Because standard routed blinds have cord running through each slat, the slats stay in place better. Due to the routed holes there is some minor light leakage as well as some privacy loss through routed holes.

Routless Blinds
Routeless Blinds
Routless Blinds
With the No Holes Privacy upgrade, each blind slat has no routed holes.Because there are no holes in the blind slats each slat provides more light blockage and additional privacy.

Because there are no cords running through the slats of the blinds, there is very little keeping the blind slats in place. For this reason we do not recommend routless blinds in areas where pets or children can reach. Also we do not recommend routless blinds for door blinds. When routless blinds are mounted on a door, as the door is opened an closed the blind slats will not stay in place.

Things to Consider
Use no holes privacy upgrades when you want added privacy and light control. Routless blinds are better as inside mount blinds because the slats stay in place better. When routless blinds are outside mount the slats can easily slide out the sides. With children or pets, standard routed blinds are recommended.
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