Vinyl Mini Blinds: Decorating on a Budget

Feb 10 2010

Anyone trying to redecorate on a budget needs to look at vinyl mini blinds. They are a little more expensive than aluminum mini blinds, but their durability makes them well worth the price.

Here we have some tips to get the most out of your decorating budget.

Shop for Blinds Online
Online stores have reduced overhead costs and that means savings for you. Not to mention you save time, energy and gas by shopping in the comforts of your own home. It is a virtual world of savings as you can purchase any type of blinds you want even if the store is hundreds of miles away.

Shopping Online Pitfalls
When shopping online, you do need to watch out for some things to prevent spending more than you intended. Watch out for these things and your online shopping experience will drastically increase.
  • Shipping Charges - Since the mini blinds need to be shipped to your home, you will incur shipping charges. This does increase the price of the blinds and can vary greatly between stores. You can look for free shipping and even discounts on shipping. Just be wary of the cheap blinds and expensive shipping.
  • Guarantee - Normally when you buy from a traditional store, they offer a guarantee. Online stores need to make the same offer. While you cannot guarantee the colors will be exact, they should guarantee their products.
  • Samples - At Blinds Chalet, we offer our customers free samples. We do this so you can be certain that the blinds you get are the ones you want. Beware of any company that wants you to purchase blinds sight unseen.

Follow these tips and you will find purchasing vinyl mini blinds on a budget is easier than you thought. Your home will have the fresh new look in no time.
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