Good Housekeeping Tip Number One Test Your Fix-It-IQ

Dec 2 2013

This is the start of a few Good Housekeeping posts that will be presented on our blog. They are designed to offer solutions to common problems. Most of these tips or fixes can be accomplished by using simple household items. Good Housekeeping Magazine and their fantastic product lines are perfect for any home.

We sell the the Good Housekeeping Blinds and Shades line on our website. Every one of their window treatments is made of the highest quality and will improve the energy efficiency of your window. So, enjoy these wonderful tips and as always let us know what you think in the comments below.

Good Housekeeping iq diy tip 1

Tip #1 Do It Smarter - Test Your Fix-it IQ

Question: How should you fix a drafty window?

Answer A: Apply two-inch-wide masking tape around the frame’s edges to seal it.

Answer B: Caulk any leaks around the window frame.

Answer C: Stuff an old towel in the space between the sashes.

The Correct Answer is (B) play detective: light a candle and move it slowly around the windows perimeter. The flame will flicker near a week. Talk any cracks where the frame meets the wall, or replace the windows weatherstripping.
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