Wood Blinds: Tips for Ordering Door Blinds

Jan 12 2010

Add privacy and elegance to your French door with wood blinds. With just a few simple measurements you can increase privacy without sacrificing style. You will need to know a few things to get the proper fit.

Door Blinds are Considered "Outside Mount"
Since the blinds are hung on the door and not in a recess, follow the outside mount directions for proper fit. This means the wood blinds will come with the exact measurements you send in.

Measuring the Window
First, you will want to measure the windowpane itself. Then, if you have molding you will want to add an extra inch to the width and three or four inches to the length.
  • Warning: Make sure your width and length does not interfere with the closing of the door or the door knob.
  • Mental Note - Order an outside mount for the door blinds.

Additional Recommendations
  • The tilt and lift controls work better on the side of the door with hinges. This way you do not need to worry about them being caught in the door when it is closed.
  • Ask about spacer and hold down brackets. Blinds Chalet provides these for door blinds, but it never hurts to make sure they come with the wood blinds you are ordering.
  • For long door handles (2 to 2 ½ inches) slide the slats behind the handle to keep them out of the way.
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