Get Your Man Cave Wired for Kickoff

Aug 30 2013

man cave with white couch manIt's time to get your man cave ready for football season. This year, don't settle for a bag of pretzels on the living room couch—get wired with the latest electronic gadgets to support your football habit. There's nothing you can't control with a beer in one hand and a remote in the other.
An Awe-Inspiring TV

Why even have a man cave without a TV you can brag about? We're not talking about something to watch "Masterpiece Theatre" on. We're talking about a Sony 55-inch, 1080p, 3D Plasma HDTV that'll make you feel like you could shake hands with the players when they come out onto the field. If you're into really cool (and you're filthy rich, to boot), you'll have a couple of these babies in your cave to keep track of multiple games. Quit flipping channels and swivel your Barcalounger around to the screen you want to watch.
Accessories Not Included

To watch the latest Super Bowl highlights on DVD or streaming video, pick up a high-quality home entertainment system, such as a Sony 3D-compatible Blu-ray player. Don't make yourself sit through repetitive pre-game segments. Fire up your favorite streaming service, and pick what you want to watch. It's your man cave, and you can do what you want.

Don't settle for less than blazing speed in your home network. Check out a service such as for home networking and TV packages. Don't let yourself be embarrassed with a room full of buds and a "Buffering..." message displaying on your screen. It's all about speed.
Feel the Rumble

A seven-speaker Dolby sound system in your man cave will fill your space with the roar of a packed stadium. You don't want tinny department store speakers. You want sound you can feel in the pit of your stomach.

The downside is all of the wiring you'll have to mess with. There's just something un-classy about cluttering your man cave with speaker wires trailing along the floor. Go wireless with a system such as the Bose Wireless Music System. Bluetooth technology connects all of your sound-making devices to the system without strangling yourself in a bunch of wires.
Light It Up

Keep current on all of the sports scores for the day with an LED Ticker. This full-color display of scrolling LEDs can be mounted in or on a wall, horizontally or vertically. This is a plug-and-play device that doesn't require a dedicated computer. Connect it to your network, and program it to display the scores you want to track. When somebody asks, "What's the score in the XYZ game?", just point to the ticker.
The Mini-Man Cave

Recognizing that not all men are as rich as God, if your man cave is a small room or just off in a corner somewhere, Trendhunter recommends one of many "mantertainment" centers available. The one this site features is the Man Wall and consists of two LCD HDTVs, home theater system, sports ticker, keg refrigerator with tap, microwave and cigar humidor, all built into one media center you can place against a wall. This will tide you over until you sell your tech startup to Microsoft for millions of dollars.

by Brandon Jolley
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