How To Choose The Right Pond Pump

Oct 5 2012

Pond pumps come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly, prices. You can install a wonderful water feature for your backyard, and you can pay almost any price, from budget to deluxe.

In finding a pump for your pond, you will learn that the choices are almost endless. In order to avoid feelings of frustration or overwhelm, it’s best to have a clear idea of the kind of water feature you have in mind. What space is available? Is electricity nearby? Will you have fish or just plants in your pond? Each situation calls for a slightly different type of pond pump, so you can streamline your search by the type and size of pond you have.

Small Pond
Small PondIf you have room for only a small pond, you can get by with a smaller pond pump. After all, if there is no room for a waterfall or a fountain feature, there’s no point in buying the most powerful pond pump you can find. In fact, there are formulas for the size of your pond, how much water is in it, and how much water your pond pump will be called upon to move in an hour or so. Moving the water is most important, because the movement is what keeps the water fresh, and depending on the size of your pond, you’ll need a smaller or a larger pump.

Large Pond
Large PondYou can also use the formulas to calculate the height and power of the water column that you want, in cases of waterfalls or streams. That will give you an idea of the size of the pump that you need; if there are going to be fish in your pond, you’ll need to calculate the amount of filtration and aeration you will need to accommodate your fish. Now all you need to figure out is what you can afford. It’s always a good idea to get as powerful a system as you can buy, since you may add features later.

Since pumps come in all prices, even those suitable for similar circumstances, it’s important to recognize that after a certain cost point; you are paying more for materials and manufacturer’s name and reputation than just a pond pump.

So how do you decide among similar brands? First, of course, there is your budget. If money is no object, get the best there is, and while you’re at it, build a bigger pond.

If you are budget conscious, you might consider your climate. Will the pond be in operation all year long, or just in certain seasons? If in evidence all year, you might want to splurge a little on equipment; if it’s only going to be in operation a few months out of the year, you might consider a little downsizing in your choice of pond pump. If you’re moving out in a couple of months, you might just buy the cheapest pond pump you can find and live with that.

After you’ve done all your calculating and chosen your design and materials, it remains to install your new pond, paying careful attention to lining your pond and powering your pump. By now, you are happy with your choices and their cost, so that all that is left is to enjoy your new pond and the new pond pump that makes it all possible. They are a great addition to any garden, and a quaint, relaxing fixture for all to enjoy.

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including home improvement, and when he is not writing for he is hiking in Upstate New York.
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