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Tips for Buying Discount Window Blinds

Dec 15 2009

Everyone is looking for discounts, especially when it comes to window blinds. Luckily, finding discount window blinds is simple if you know what to look for. Follow these few tips and you might walk away with some quality blinds at discount prices.

Guide to Buying Discount Window Blinds Online
Before you even start shopping, you need to set a budget for your window blinds. You will save more money if you know how much you want to spend ahead of time.

Next, determine the size blind you need. This means knowing the type of blind and where to measure  your windows or doors for that particular type of blind. Often you can find installation instructions for the type of blind you are interested in which will tell you where to measure windows before you buy. The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE is miss-measuring your windows or doors. Discount blinds do not save you any money if you get them home and they do not fit.

Finally, go online and shop prices. Get an idea of what type of blind you like and what the price points are. And often, like here at Blinds Chalet, companies offer a price match guarantee so that if you find a blind else where, they'll match the price.

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