Top Reasons for Installing Blinds and Shades for the Holiday Season

Dec 9 2010

As holidays roll around and family and friends come to visit, many people feel they spend more time getting the house ready than enjoying the holidays. One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of updating a home for the holidays is by installing new window blinds and shades. Window blinds and shades can offer a variety of benefits as well as helping a house or home look more finished, more updated and more complete. The following are a few other good reasons to install window treatments before the holidays.

1.    With holiday lights and decorations up, many people enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood. While they may be there to look at Christmas lights, if you don’t have blinds or shades, they might get just as much entertainment watching what you and your family are doing. Drop the blinds and shades and you suddenly have privacy.

2.    Holidays usually equate to celebrations. Celebrations sometimes lead to noise. Noise can prevent a good night’s sleep and cause crankiness instead of gratitude. An easy way to prevent that? Install double cell shades to help reduce noise in the home. When your head hits the pillow you should be thinking about candy canes and sugar plums, not calling the cops on noisy neighbors.

3.    We mentioned holiday lights before. If you have neighbors like the Griswold’s, the light pollution from their holiday display might make it feel like you have 24 hours of daylight in your home. If this is the case, install some blackout blinds so that you can get the sleep you need.

4.    While some people are dreaming of a white Christmas, others are hoping for a little sun to help keep them warm during the cold winter months. If this is you, invest in some energy efficient blinds and shades to help keep the warm air in and the cold outside where it belongs. Your energy bills will drop and you can use the money you saved for buying yourself a holiday treat.

5.    You Aunt or Grandmother never thinks anything is good enough. She always has something negative to say about your home or your life. Don’t give her a reason this year. Install Roman Shades. With their silky rich coverings, your relatives will be too busy complimenting your style to complain.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, hurry to an on-line window treatment store to purchase your blinds and shades. Some companies offer express manufacturing, meaning you could have custom fitted window treatments in close to a week. Once the order is placed, sit back and enjoy the season. When the blinds and shades get to your home, you’ll have them up in a matter of minutes and you can enjoy the peace, quiet and privacy of the holidays.

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