ComforTrack Double Cell Shades Designed To Keep You Warm

Oct 4 2010

The heat wave has broken and fall is coming quickly. Cold weather has already been marked by snowfall in some places. In the mountains people are gearing up for ski and snowboard season already. At night, some are turning on the heat. Those that are holding off on the heat because they don’t want to have to pay for high energy bills might want to consider energy efficient window blinds and shades like the ComforTrack cell shades.

If you want to know exactly how well the ComforTrack Double Cell Shades work, then buy an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Pick a couple of nights where you have similar temperatures and take the temperature inside your house with the ComforTrack Double Cell Shades open and with them closed. You can measure the difference. Cell shades are some of the best insulating shades on the market. They come in a couple of varieties that include both single and double cell shades. Double cell shades provide more insulation than single cell shades. For the best protection, look into double cell shades with a sidetrack system so cold air can’t seep in.

ComforTrack double cell shades qualify for a Federal Tax Credit and help achieve LEED certification status.

ComforTrack 3/8” Translucent Double Cell Shades have utilized all the latest technology on the market to help keep you warm. This system offers up to five times the insulation of a standard single pane window.

The ComforTrack system provides several different barriers so the cold can’t get in. Sidetracks seal the window shade to the edge of the windowpane so no air can leak in that way. A foam seal at both the headrail and top of the window provide extra insulation.

Blackout Double Cell Shades from ComforTrack cut 99% of light entering a room. It keeps out light leakage, and insulates better than a standard cell shade. These window treatments are on the list for a Federal Tax Credit for energy efficiency.

Aside from the excellent insulation provided by these window treatments, they also look good. They come in a bunch of different neutral colors to fit any home or office environment. A few of the colors include buttermilk, snow cap and wheat. For those who like bolder colors, they can choose from coffee bean, cinnamon, marina, cypress and more.

To get the best insulation for your home, try the ComforTrack line of Double Cell Shades. You get a warmer home, a reduction on energy bills and a Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,500.00. Get ready for winter today!

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