Buying Energy Efficient Shades

Oct 7 2010

The weather is cooling down and many are starting to turn on the heat in their homes, dreading high-energy bills. There is a way to save money on heating without paying a huge price for energy bills. Installing energy efficient blinds or shades insulates homes so not as much heat is needed. Energy efficient shades sometimes qualify for a federal tax credit for energy efficiency.

A single pane window can cause warm air to seep out of a house and let drafts and cold air in. In fact, using energy efficient shades can be five times more effective at keeping cold air out than regular windowpanes. Almost all window treatments create some sort of insulating barrier, however, the following are some for the most efficient insulating shades on the market.

•    U.V. Protection Shades. These shades are designed to keep UV rays out of the home. They are great insulators and will protect furniture and flooring from fading.

•    Temperature Control Shades. Just as the name says, these window treatments help control temperatures. The honeycomb pattern within the shade captures cold air coming into a home and stops it before it gets in. It also helps keep warm air in.

•    Light Diffusing Shades. Light diffusing means you sill get privacy within a home as well as getting natural light. They help keep temperatures steady.

•    Energy Smart Shades. These are cellular shades that are energy smart. The cellular structure is intended to keep cold air out in the winter and cool air inside during the summer.

Energy Smart shades come in both single and double cell shades. The way they are designed is to provide an insulating barrier for your windows which is where most air escapes from. Double cell shades offer additional protection over single cell shades. Most double cell shades qualify for a federal tax credit. Cellular shades come in two types – translucent and blackout. Blackout means no light gets in. Some brands offer an insulating sidetrack system so no air can seep in the sides.

Some of the best Energy Smart Fusion Shades are the EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades. These offer the benefit of cellular shades with a Roman Shade overlay. The cellular shade provides additional insulating powers over the roman shades. The roman shades employ a flat panel design, which cascades over the window.

Energy Saving Solar Screen Shades are represented by the Smart Weave line of roller shades: these include Eclipse Roller Shades, Pfifer SheerWeave Roller Shades, AlumaScreen Solar Shades, EcoGreen Roller and Solar Shades and Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shades. Each energy efficient shade in this line offers UV protection and cut UV rays by close to 100%.

Energy efficient shades offer several benefits. Light filtering blinds also help insulate homes. Solar screen shades let light in while cutting UV rays. Each window treatment listed above will serve to cut energy costs and help improve resale value on a home.

Those living in a sunny atmosphere might want solar screen shades, while those who are used to freezing temperatures and snow might want to consider maximum energy efficiency with double cell or honeycomb shades. EnviroFusion Roman Shades will also help protect a home offering beauty and practicality. Head to your on-line dealer today and order new shades to best suit your insulating needs.

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