Remodeling a deck with vertical blinds

Jun 29 2010

Remodeling a deck with vertical blinds
Remodeling a deck with vertical blinds
A deck can help anyone appreciate summer, whether one just wants to read outside in the sun or have a barbecue with twenty guests. Better Homes and Gardens has recently offered suggestions for making a deck just as cozy as the inside of your home, but without sacrificing the element of the outdoors.

One way to add class to an old wooden deck is to put flowerpots on the railings and tables. The news source states that this can add some much-needed splashes of color to otherwise dull surfaces. Additionally, flowers and plants can be used to dress fences around the deck to give them a more organic feel.

Another way is to find outdoor-friendly pillows, couches and chairs that will show that the deck is still part of your house, according to news provider. This can make the deck just as comfortable as any living room.

However, to really separate the deck from the inside of the house so that you can fully appreciate being outside, vertical blinds are key. They can hang from the doors leading outside to any patio, deck or porch. Better Homes and Gardens claims that vertical blinds can enhance the intimacy of any setting, indoor or out, while controlling light and privacy.
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