Custom drapery adds a finishing touch to custom rooms

Jun 29 2010

Custom drapery adds a finishing touch to custom rooms
Custom drapery adds a finishing touch to custom rooms
Summer is often the time to change the feel of a room, and interior designer Sherry Worth told the Columbus Dispatch that drapes can transform the feeling of a house.

"Draperies add elegance while softening the room," she informed the news provider. "They also hide ugly views and create privacy."

Selecting custom drapes is a wonderful opportunity to cement the theme of a room. There are countless colors and patterns from which to choose, so you're bound to find one that perfectly suits the new mood.

Drapery rods are also easy to customize. cites this as an especially effective way to design a child's room. Hockey or lacrosse sticks, sturdy plastic flowers, even painted branches can replace ordinary rods and give the room a feel of its own.

Creative design isn't limited to children's rooms, either. The news source also states that a vintage rug can easily be tucked over a rod to give kitchens a unique and homey look. Ribbons and bows can also be tied to the ends of the rods to add bright corners to the drapes.

Traditional drapery rods can also add an elegant and mature look in dining or living rooms where the goal is to create a relaxed yet focused atmosphere.
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