Reduce stress by going natural with bamboo woven wood shades

Jun 29 2010

Reduce stress by going natural with bamboo shades
Reduce stress by going natural with bamboo shades
One of the best solutions to a high stress level is to try and make a peaceful place for yourself, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

To really find some time to relax, the news source suggests that you turn off all electronic devices. That means cell phones, computers, alarms and even iPod or CD players. The point is to find a place that is absolutely quiet.

In the morning, a good way to prepare for the day is to avoid newspapers or televisions and simply sit and think. Cortisol levels, which are responsible for stress, are highest in the AM and it only "takes 12 minutes" to lower them, Janet Luhrs, a simple living expert, told Better Homes and Gardens.

Even doing the dishes or folding laundry can be sources of solace. A spiritual counselor told the news source that mindless activities can actually be a form of meditation, since they are free from any real stressful or intellectual work.

The news provider also advises other organic settings. Bamboo woven wood shades can enhance the calming, natural affect of any room. Just by hanging something as all-natural and elegant as bamboo shades, you may find that stress and anxiety disappear, along with harsh sunshine and heat.
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