Creative ways to help cool down your home

Jun 8 2011

Creative ways to help cool down your home.
Creative ways to help cool down your home.
Now that the sweltering weather has hit many parts of the country, homeowners are looking for ways to come home to a cool house without having to run the air conditioner all day. If you forget to draw the shades before you leave for work, you will be coming home to a hot and sticky house if you don't prepare, according to

Windows are often the first places to start when trying to cool off your home, and window blinds and shades can work wonders.

"As the sun approaches this window, it's going to heat up even moreso as the day continues," Jean Hammer of Xcel Energy, told the news source. "In the morning, I would recommend shutting the shades if you know the sun is going to be on this side of the house."

Another trick is to place a fan on the shaded side of the house to move hot air out of the space and switch the direction of the fan when the sun goes down to pull cool air inside.

Soft sheer shades are an ideal option for summer that may provide superior light-filtering ability while still offering a view to the outdoors.  
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