Use bookshelves as a canvas to show off your design flair

Jun 3 2011

Use bookshelves as a canvas to show off your design flair.
Use bookshelves as a canvas to show off your design flair.
Finding a chic way to make a statement with your home furnishings is always a tricky endeavor, but oftentimes an underutilized area like a bookshelf could be an simple way for a quick update. According to, crafting a stylish bookshelf with items that create balance for the space will allow a homeowner to show off his personality and some of his treasured possessions.

When decorating a bookshelf, you want to pick two or three primary colors that you can space evenly throughout the space. For instance, select white, blue and a pale green and use varying amounts of each hue on each shelf.

When placing books on the shelf, a good rule of thumb is to place them in the same place on different shelves to create a sense of balance. You don't want a completely uniform arrangement, but give your design some consistency for a bigger impact.

Putting some light on the subject is always a great way to grab attention, so use some soft sheer shades to really make your style choices stand out. These provide superior light-filtering ability while still providing a view to the outdoors.  
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