A breezy contemporary look will liven up your space for spring

May 25 2011

A breezy contemporary look will liven up your space for spring.
A breezy contemporary look will liven up your space for spring.
There are many ways to bring a welcome change to your home's décor, and according to HGTV.com, a breezy contemporary look could be the perfect way to liven up your space. The color palette features shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow green for a soothing mix of hues that can work with just about anything.

One of the best aspects of this color palette is that it will work perfectly with white furniture, accent artwork and other style choices. For instance, if you decide to paint your wall a deep shade of turquoise, paint the border and archways of the room white to highlight the color with ease.

Additionally, a breezy contemporary look is best served when it is bathed in natural light, so try to create a uniform design with some turquoise or jade draperies. Choose a lightweight material to give your space an airy quality.

Soft sheer shades are the perfect choice to go with your contemporary style. These shades will provide superior light-filtering ability and will keep your house cool during the warm months. They will provide a view to the outside while still maintaining the privacy in your home.  
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